Absolute Racing – ¡NOTICIAS IMPORTANTES! (iOS y Android)

Echa un vistazo a las últimas noticias sobre Absolute Racing Game. Si Dodge decide que también quiere eliminar los coches de todo el juego, eso significa que los coches de nuestros garajes deberían eliminarse si también los coches Dodge. PERO, es posible que obtengamos un reembolso. Si aún no has descargado el juego, aquí tienes los enlaces: • Android: • iOS: Música: Oh No – Le Gang.

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39 comentarios

  1. Go back to past and you got the Dodge in the Future

  2. Dodge is so mean 🙄

  3. If they take my viper I want a full refund of my gold coins or is they don’t imma bout to end Thair corrier

  4. Offcourse this game is a clear copy of Assetto Corsa

  5. Big sad, but I have to say that forest path isn’t the best track to grind it’s actually AR OFFICIAL TRACKWAY 1 lap in custom race (you don’t need AI).

  6. Whyyyyyyyyy!!!! I bought dodge hellcat 4 Days ago

  7. Oh cmon! I just buyed a 720s and planning to buy a dodge viper acr!

  8. 🤷‍♂️

  9. Sad but 🙂 i still like jdm yayy

  10. When they'll get Dodge licence?

  11. Will replace porsche i think

  12. nossa e eu gosto muito de dogge mais Obrigado vou baixar o jogo

  13. Mucho bla bla bla y no me trasmite un carajo

  14. They should add Audi's in the game and modification

  15. what device do you use?

  16. I seriously dont watch ur videos about this game but nice vid!

  17. So you see the car that I told you to drive I got a legendary version and I went to 400km/h and then my game broke it crashed

    I wish I can send you a picture

  18. Dodge may get away from this game and let it swap with a Toyota supra 2020

  19. i personally woried about the devs if they were going broke now since they were partnered with mclaren and nurburgring. but i hope it's not true. also, we should aware that licensing is never an easy task

  20. Tem um jogo de corrida o nome dele é need foor espeed no limits

  21. So I'll be playing with Dodge cars from now on on Assoluto Racing.

  22. Btw what is your name is assoluto

  23. Ok,thank You for information👍

  24. สวัสดีครับ

  25. G R I N D I N G C O I N S I N T E N S I T I E S

  26. I heard about that news
    Thats why im saving money to buy a new challenger here
    Ive already bought the 69 dodge charger rt but i dont know if i can save enough coins to buy the viper
    Is the advert the only way to earn coins

  27. Nice vids👍👍👍

  28. Very good the video⚠️

  29. But what was the full reason they lost their license from dodge?.

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