9 trucos para aumentar la señal de tu celular

David y David te cuentan 9 trucos para aumentar la señal de tu celular. Explicaremos por qué #5G en realidad podría estar empeorando su servicio, lo #1. 1 que ambos hacemos para combatir el mal servicio donde vivimos y más! 📶 Obtenga más información sobre los amplificadores de señal de teléfonos celulares: 📱 Qué hacer cuando su iPhone dice “Sin servicio”: 📱 Qué hacer cuando su Android no tiene servicio: ⚙️ Obtenga más información sobre las actualizaciones de configuración del operador: 1. Apague el 5G [0:23] 2. ¡Sal afuera! [2:03] 3. Retire su caso [2:10] 4. Actualiza tu teléfono [2:23] 5. Actualice la configuración del operador de su teléfono [3:01] 6. Use un amplificador de señal de teléfono celular [3:41] 7. Activa las llamadas Wi-Fi [4:40] 8. Cambia de operador o compra un nuevo teléfono [6:16] 9. Arreglos cuando el teléfono no tiene servicio [7:47]

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  1. Updates require wi-fi… not available at home and I'm 8-10 miles from it. Without transportation. Screwed.

  2. Guys you are awesome

  3. OMG, is that a Sony Phone! These are so underrated!

  4. 5G not good for any living thing and is not about "better/faster" service.🙄

  5. My 5g sucks from one street to another!!!

  6. I have been using the same SIM card for like forever and still no issues, when someone tells you to turn your phone off remove the SIM rub it on the right ear of a black cat then put it back and turn on it was the rebooting than done the job 😂😂

  7. I'm on Verizon, 1 mile from the tower no buildings between me and the tower and I get 0 to 2 bars. 2 bars if it connects me with band 5. 0 to 1 bars 70% of the time because it connects me with band 2.

  8. I remember having to walk to make a call. My pager would go off and I had to walk to a pay phone. Uphill both ways. In the snow.

  9. The Voice and Data option is not in my iPhone under Cellular Options

  10. Yall shady for using 2 different phones to show the network settings. Lol that option to turn off 5g for android has been removed for a long time

  11. That option to switch androids off of network mode has been removed or gone as long as I've owned my galaxys

  12. Thanks guys just in the last couple of months I haven’t been able to get a decent connection. We don’t even have 5G, but I do have it on 5G auto …ever since I updated to 16.1.1. My phone and my iPad keeps freezing when I’m in my apps. Apple suggested deleting the apps and reinstalling them, but it hasn’t fixed it. I live in Australia and Optus is my service provider …You got any other suggestions what could be going on. Truly frustrating when you pay so much for your Apple phones and iPads you expect them to run fine not have problems with them once you put your updates on.. I’ve been following you guys for years. I be much appreciated if you’d have any extra suggestions.. Julie from Australia.

  13. Mine has LTE or 3G

  14. My modem is set on 2.4 G my iPhone only works on 5G the spinning wheel will not go away I've tried to put it on 2.4 G and it keeps switching to 5G

  15. 6:50 i do not have a RSRP on my iphone 13 pro…..

  16. I have a Samsung Galaxy 832 5G and I know the setting that you're talking about mine is set on 5G Auto so it does go back and forth every once in a blue moon but usually it only does that when my data gets up so high for the month and I have Metro PC and this is actually a T-Mobile cell phone

  17. I don’t have a dbm listed.

  18. With t-mobile you could have full signals bars and 1mbps speeds and be in a "great" service area

  19. Go outside? That wasn't really a hack. More of common sense. Not the best hack list. Why have we replaced the word tips for hack. Hack denotes outside the normal would not be commonly known.

  20. Tysm this got me to 3 bars and now I can text in the middle of nowhere

  21. Is there any difference between cell phone booster vs. wificalling?

  22. Dude show the Google pixel because Samsung is a customize ui and Google pixel is not

  23. Or you can just use calls over Wi-Fi……….. I totally wrote this comment before you all went through the calls over wi-if. Also, carriers have most cell phone makers enable this by default as it off loads traffic from their services to a standard wi-if internet connection.🎃

  24. For anyone who's doing this with iOS 16.1.
    The 7:01 trick does work. However, the RSRP setting that they are talking about has been moved to another menu.

    When you are being switched , look at the LTE menues and then click on "RsrpRsrqSinr" and then you can see " rsrp ".
    At least this worked for me.

  25. Credibility of the video drops significantly as os update is among the list of recommended actions

  26. I don’t see an option on my Verizon s22 Ultra. Stupid Verizon!

  27. I updated my software on iPhone and my wifi and Bluetooth is grayed out, I did 16.1

  28. I've had more problems than fix with wifi calling. When I turn it on, half my calls won't go through from other people much less texts. Most calls won't even go through when I'm trying to call out with wifi calling.

  29. Switched back to 4g because when I used 5g it would cut out and show no service in certain areas I frequently go to.

  30. Samsung S22 on Verizon at least has turned of the feature to choose your network.

  31. OK> I have an Android LG40 and there is 2 different LTE settings. 1st is LTE/CDMA and 2nd is LTE/GSM/UMTS is one of these better than the other? Thank you for this information.

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