8 Opciones avanzadas de desarrollador ¡Características ocultas que debe habilitar AHORA!

8 Opciones avanzadas de desarrollador ¡Características ocultas que debe habilitar AHORA! En este video, le mostraré 8 funciones ocultas de opciones avanzadas de desarrollador que debe habilitar en su dispositivo ahora mismo. ¡Todas estas funciones ocultas son muy útiles y harán que su dispositivo sea mucho mejor! Únase a nuestro grupo de Telegram para obtener algunos fondos de pantalla exclusivos: Sígueme en Instagram para obtener increíbles configuraciones de pantalla de inicio, detrás de escena, contenido exclusivo y obsequios Para preguntas relacionadas con el negocio o si desea que revise su producto «« «abdulfazilonline @ gmail. Aplicación com Link: Música de fondo: Epidemia de sonido

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  1. on miui click miui version many times to get developer mode

  2. Please I need help
    My Bluetooth, WiFi and quick share are not working

  3. If I change my all windows animation at 0.5 then have any risk to damage my phone or cpu??? Please ans🙏🙏

  4. phone model please ?

  5. If you purchase a carrier locked device and then pay it off, you can contact the carrier to help you with unlocking the device or use MOE Then tell say that the device has been paid off and to change the device’s sim policy to an unlocked one. Once that happens, the carrier will instruct you to restore the device in again, which will trigger a refresh of the device policy which then loads the unlocked policy to the device!!

  6. 99% are tech indians channels

  7. uselesssss everythibg u show is 5 szeps back…..

  8. Hi im using samsung a 52 4g from one year but there is one thing when i m using twitter instagram face book u tube e.t.c when i swipe up or down the pages in news feed it slightly stucks or takes time to load during swipe down or up can it be made faster in developer option

  9. My company have developed a app .but I have developer option .when I enable developer option .my company app showing turnoff developer option otherwise it no open.what to do now

  10. You didn't answer my question 😒

  11. My comment that I'll leave tomorrow I'm teaching Godzilla and the Russian President Vladimir Putin how to do ballet and Gangnam style

  12. I did drop a like for the video and now it's broken and thank you this was a interesting to learn about the sensor there's always something new

  13. Man i made my pohone 10× faster

  14. who here is watching from 2022

  15. Hello How can i hide my navigation bar using developer options

  16. Which launcher are you using?

  17. Please my phone is galaxy note 20 ultra

  18. Can anyone help me I clicked on an option in the developer setting and it's made my phone screen dark and inactive

  19. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. It helps a lot so much

  20. very informative and educational. thank you

  21. Does selecting No Background Process keep your phone cooler.

  22. I don't recomend using force dark mode or changeing the animation speed. It's not as satisfying as it sounds. But that's just my opinion so try it out yourself 🙂

  23. Games play not working in full screen pls solve the problem sir

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