5G: ¡explicado!

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  1. Had to see for myself is 5G is worth all the hype. What do you think?
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  2. I assume sarcastic, but I thought microwaves don't escape their "box" because of the mesh between the glass panes.
    The perforated mesh is of such a size not allowing the waves lengths to escape.
    Is my assertion incorrect?

  3. I keep hearing 5g is dangerous and im confused so its not dangerous? They are just Karen's acting like with the vaccine?

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  5. I have written a lengthy document that goes through 16 areas of concern related to the rollout of 5G and overexposure to EMFs. The claim that there are only thermal effects from non-ionizing radiation is, simply put, not true at all. Despite what some say, there are in fact a couple of thousand peer-reviewed studies showing significant negative biological effects from exposure to non-ionizing EMFs. You can find links to 8 compilations of studies in the document. When I tried to post links, a longer text and use paragraphs my comment was flagged as spam (because of the settings of the channel owner) and didn't appear for others, so the solution was to post a link to the document in the description of the only video on my channel. Some of the topics / areas of concern:

    An astounding lack of studies on the health effects of 5G, the studies that has been done show harmful effects – Thermal vs non-thermal effects, studies on EMF-effects on humans, insects, plants and animals – The two biggest studies to date show clear negative effects from exposure to EMFs – The current safety standards – Appeal from 250+ EMF-scientists – Oxidative Stress – Conflicts of interest and other major issues within the agencies that set the standards – Our sweat ducts and eyes may act as antennas for milli-meter waves – Brillouin precursor phenomena – Potential effects of EMF and millimeter-waves on the cell’s mitochondria – Push for AI integration and IOT – Security and privacy issues

  6. Him: gets excited about 1500 gbps
    Apple who literally have 4000gbps with their phones

  7. Mine is 5g not 5g e

  8. Speed: 2gbps
    My Data limit: 1.5gb

  9. The three spike significantly earn because calendar adventitiously instruct save a big industry. giant, magnificent element

  10. I have 5g and I don’t even have 4g speeds and it’s been a year

  11. Shoe game always a1

  12. STARLINK will be out of beta before even a fraction of nationwide 5G is built out.

  13. My video not loading
    Me:Do I need 5G to watch a Video about 5G.?

  14. Never been 5g its 5j fifth jeneration be wise

  15. Bro I have 5g at home and I have no problem ok people who say it will give you cancer are stupid ass

  16. Nobody want that bs

  17. what an amazing video bro! 😀

  18. Did anybody see that scab on his arm

  19. 7:26 look at his elbow, 5G radiation is real CONFIRMED!

  20. Wow. Instead of waiting 30 seconds I can wait 10 seconds. We are so stupid. What a waste of a species.

  21. And here I am, just patiently waiting for the day I finally get 3G.

  22. I just bought a 4G phone because I give it atleast 2-3 years to see all the side effects caused by 5G users to determine my final judgement of owning one, server blindness, headache & lack of sleep, brain tumour are only a few.

  23. I just realized this was posted before the virus and the 5G conspiracy theories… Jesus.

  24. Fast.com:5G is 2.1Gbps

    Fast.com:your WiFi (my WiFi) is 0.0091

    Me:wait is my WiFi fast or slow since it seems slow compared to that.
    Me:searching if it’s fast

    Me:oh my WiFi is fast wait than that mea-

  25. This phone has only 1 band of 5g n78 of 3.5 Ghz, how could u test mmwave of 25ghz through that thing????

  26. If I checked my phone and it had a download speed that fast, I would throw my phone and run away for life.

  27. I'm not an idiot you don't have to explain s*** to me

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