# 5. Tutorial de la API de Android Studio Volley | Memes Share App | Desarrollo de Android Studio 2021

Hola chicos, vamos a crear una aplicación para compartir memes en Android Studio. Aprenderemos cómo hacer llamadas a la API en Android usando la biblioteca Volley. También aprenderemos cómo procesar imágenes usando Glide Library. Esta es la primera parte de una serie de 3 videos. Hoy crearemos el diseño básico de esta aplicación y veremos esta API. API: Siga para actualizaciones: Instagram: LinkedIn: Lista de reproducción de Android: Kotlin en un video: Java en un video: #frontend #Android #AnujBhaiya Pista: Chris Henry – Flash Ignore estas etiquetas: llamadas a la API de Android Studio, llamadas a la API de Android Studio, Android solicitar api studio, llamada a API en Android Studio, llamada a API en Android Studio, llamadas a API en Android Studio, api de Android Studio, cómo llamar a API en Android Studio, cómo llamar a API web en Android Studio, tutorial de Android Volley, Android Volley, tutorial de Android Volley en hindi, solicitud de publicación de Android Volley, ejemplo de solicitud de Android Volley Post JSON, aplicación de inicio de sesión de Android Volley, api de Android Volley, tutorial de Android Volley get e post, volley cache android, biblioteca de volley android, volley api en ejemplo de Android, error de voley estudio de Android, ejemplo de volea en el estudio de Android, volea en el estudio de Android, volea en Android, volea en Android en hindi, solicitud HTTP de volea Android, imagen de carga de Android volley al servidor, Android vol solicitud de publicación ley json, volley json analizando android, android volley tutorial json, volley json android, android volley kotlin, android kotlin volley tutorial, android volley library, volley rest api android, solicitud de cadena volley android, volley vs retrofit android, volley android studio, android studio volley tutorial, volley android studio 2020, volley android studio 2019 android glide, android glide tutorial, android glide recicladorview tutorial, glide android studio, glide vs picasso android, glide image android studio, glide android kotlin, glide cache image android , glide gif android, glide library en android studio, ejemplo de carga de imágenes de glide en android, tutorial sobre glide library en android, tutorial sobre glide de android studio, escritura de glide en android.

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  1. Hello bhaiya ik video movie streaming app pe bana dijiye..like amazon prime…plz,plz,plz….hmko banner create krne mein bhot problem arhi h aur youtube pe aur kahi se kuch khas help nhi mil rhi hai..bhaiya plz help krdijiye..

  2. bhaiya glide use karte bakt id nahi le raha.. kya kare… I did not find any fruitful solution on stack overflow too

  3. I am really enjoying the series. Great. Would like to see a clone app series (Maybe Spotify, Amazon clone )

  4. who noticed a scratch dot in bottom rightmost at starting in the frame

  5. Bhai, hogya aur kitna memes dekhoge. Wapas aa jao course per.

  6. Bhaiya mere paas computer nhi hai par mujhe app development sikna hai

  7. Thanks sir
    I just found your channel.

  8. I'am making an app on story, that will show list of story in the list view with the help of API using volley library and recycler view. I also want to implement visitors or views count, meaning whenever a user click on a particular list then it will increment the view by one. For that visitors increment count I have extra API, but I'am confused that where to use that API as post method in adapter class? or in main activity class… Can you please help me with this…? if you provide with code hint snippet or want to talk DM or mail for more info then I'am ready to do it.

  9. I want to like this series 100000k times 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  10. Someone please help me. I tried running the exact codes but Bhaiya's last tutorial but my Android Studio does'nt detect button, edittext, etc util I define them in Val findview by id. Few codes I managed to run but now it is getting confusing for me I even copy pasted android developer official tutorail but that also did'nt work for me.

  11. I have written the same code as you in xml still my image view in not stretching as yours despite of giving 0dp height and width like you,anyone
    know about this please explain the issue.

  12. Best Android Playlist

  13. please make a delivery courier app

  14. can you or anyone please explain why did imaged stretched with width and height to 0dp and not wrap content ?

  15. Which is BETTER to use and WHY ?? name.setOnClickListners in kotlin file or using onClick and creating a different functions in XML file ??

  16. Bhaiyaa ur best❤️

  17. Brother I am studying in 7 semester in bscs computer science
    Brother you are a really good "Teacher" i am learning a lot of things from you and i have completed my course in apni kaksha in which you are teaching java programming but i am feeling sad to see that you have not created the android series by java main method but you are using kotlin so please make android series by java languae because I don't want to change your channel for learning android course by java.Big love from Pakistan
    Please reply soon!

  18. Thank you sir i learnt many things about layouts editing

  19. bhaiya plz share your github account

  20. Sir plzz background ko light kijiye nothing is shown 🙄😭

  21. Who noticed ELON MUSK😛😛😛

  22. Anuj bhaiya you are the best…

  23. Awesome course I have learnt lot of new things from you.
    Please continue this course.
    We all are supporting you and thank you so much sir for your efforts and knowledge🙏🙏

  24. Thankk you !! Really wanted the Teacher like you!!

  25. Bhaiya i want to download your meme app

  26. don't know why but most of the memes are related to among us game

  27. Waiting for next app 😬
    Just out of curiosity what it will be?? @Anuj Bhaiya

  28. superb bhaiya …you are teaching advance topics in beginning…

  29. Bhai telegram channel open karlo na
    Usme aap free api ke baare mei batana

  30. Anuj ji, can I use Google Drive API in this app for my memes collection.. If it is possible.. So How can I do..? I request to you make one video on this topic.. Plz sir..

  31. Thanks bhaiya ❤😊

  32. bheiya please ekk Wireframe ke uupar vdo banao 🙏

  33. when constraining the buttons with the guideline it shows error :
    Couldn't resolve resource @id/guideline

    plzzz helpppppppppppppp

  34. Bhaiya Python language ke upar bhi video's bana do. C++, C#. I am new to coding and learning some languages. 11th std Commerce. Can I get jobs with programming language. Please reply

  35. bhaiya next part kab aayega?

  36. Bhaiyya java ki video banao or placement k liye

  37. Waiting for next video 🙌

  38. @Anuj Bhaiya can you please also tell how can we host apps which we build ?

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