#3 Creación de la primera app para Android | Aplicación Hola Mundo con Android | Tutorial de desarrollo de Android 2020

Este video contiene: 1ra aplicación de Android 1ra aplicación de Android hola mundo Android Programa de Hello world 1er programa de estudio de Android Android 1er programa de Android para principiantes 1ra aplicación de Android Programa de Hello world en Android en hindi Programa de Hello world Android Studio 1er programa de estudio de Android Estudio de Android primer proyecto Android studio first App Primera aplicación de Android Tutorial de Android Desarrollo de Android Tutorial de Android para principiantes Tutorial de Android en hindi Tutorial de Android para principiantes en hindi Android Studio 4.0.1 Tutorial de Android 2020 Más videos sobre: ​​Introducción al desarrollo de Android: Instalación de Android Studio: Curso completo Python: Completo Curso Java Core: Django Curso completo: Swing Curso completo: JavaFx Curso completo: JDBC con MySql Curso completo: Temas básicos Java Curso: Temas Python Curso: Temas-Dj wiseango Curso: Temas Swing Curso: JavaFx por tema Curso: JDBC por tema Curso: Preparación para el posicionamiento Serie : Sígueme en: #formyscholars #android #andro idapp Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Linkedin: para capacitación en línea / fuera de línea y consultas comerciales: ID de correo electrónico: formyscholars4u@gmail.com

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  1. Ma'am gradle syncing process necessary hai kya ?

  2. Beground video recorder app se record Kiya hua video app Wale ke pass bhi store hota hai kya

  3. Thank you so much mam for this video people like you make life worth living❤

  4. Ma'am, iski complete playlist nhi dikh rhi channel pr

  5. Kha the mam aaj tak ❤️

  6. I have been following your channel for almost 1 year but not subscribed yet.

  7. Video was very useful 😊

  8. total code biller ho raha hai

  9. aapka code sahi se show nahi hota hai maam

  10. In my android studio, when I open main.xml its showing two mobile screen but when I draw something on it, it's not visible , I cannot see white screen to design, both screens are dark

  11. Thanks for this video but I have learn about Android AIED

  12. Will this run on 4 gb RAM i3 processor machine ?

  13. What we will give our package name if we dont have any domain name of our own ?

  14. I am getting error gradle run out while I m creating my first android application……

    Would anyone like to help me ??

  15. व्हीडीओ स्टेटस ॲप बनाना सिखाओ

  16. mam aap bahut late video upload krti hai

  17. Android aap bnane ke lia konsi language ani chaye or kha se sikhni chaye

  18. Mem plz help me android stdio me jo sdk hota uski problem ati hai plz solw kardona

  19. Please enhance (increase volume) your audio before rendering the videos.

  20. How can create report card project in python Django of class 1st to 10th

  21. very usefull video.Thank u mam

  22. Please make playlist for Dot net 🙏

  23. mam please is series ma aik app bnwana please chaha choti c ho but usefull ho

  24. When I try yo create a new Android studio project an error flashes up of SDK problem saying your Android SDK is missing, out of date or corrupted.
    Please reply mam.

  25. Thanks mam🙏. Go ahead. We want to know it.

  26. Mam plz zoom the screen or increase the font

  27. U r lovely , your teaching style is awesome that anyone can understand

  28. Hello mam you are explaining very good plz make a playlist beginner to advance level

  29. It's super informative vid. Android app development in one vide, great vid ma'm

  30. Amazing keep it up maam

  31. Make daily videos

  32. Very❤️Nice❤️Video

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