? 17 razones por las que OxygenOS es mejor que Android estándar

¿El stock de Android es perfecto? Ciertamente no lo creemos. OxygenOS impulsa los teléfonos inteligentes OnePlus. Ofrece varios ajustes y características que lo convierten en una mejor opción que el Android estándar. En este vídeo explicaremos por qué pensamos eso. Te daremos 17 razones por las que OxygenOS supera a Android todos los días. ¿Usas Android u OxygenOS? ¿Cual prefieres? Háganos saber a través de la sección de comentarios a continuación y no olvide completar nuestra encuesta (en el video). #OxygenOS #Android: para conocer las últimas reseñas sobre dispositivos móviles y todo lo relacionado con la tecnología, visite ➥ Twitter: ➥ Facebook: ➥ Instagram:.

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31 comentarios

  1. Watching on oneplus 7t

  2. All feature are in stock android

  3. Samsung one ui is the best of all ui…even one plus strted copying one ui?

  4. Samsung one UI also I have this all future??‍♂️

  5. Na beta tumse na hopaya?

  6. Realme ui is better than oxygen os

  7. I like the feature set you outlined. Add the Nova launcher, and you almost have the perfect phone. I am annoyed by Samsung's bloatware and Bixby, but, do admit I'll miss the S-pen. Unfortunately, it's time to move on and the OnePlus 8t Pro may be the ticket when it arrives. Adding a stylus would be icing on the cake.

  8. Stock Android doesn't force you to keep Google Search bar on Home Screen! Wrong information!

  9. Actually, you don't need to go to the app settings to uninstall the app with stock android. Tap and hold and drag the app towards the top, uninstall option appears. Pretty sure it works like that on all stock android versions, I uninstalled apps like that for as long as I can remember.

  10. I love oxegen OS

  11. Android do a large number of things you mentioned. Most of them. Well my Samsung does anyway and it's only an s7edge so quite an old model.

  12. Stock Android is best

  13. all feature in my asus 5z fone avilable…

  14. Oxygen Os feels barren as it is. I would hate stock.

  15. Each and every single feature you mentioned exists and better implemented in OneUI and Realme UI. You are simply an ignorant, nothing else!

  16. Please tell us data security wise comparison not features wise

  17. nuh. Androids are better than oxygenOS. Its also faster

  18. I love Oxygen. I need it to live 🙂

  19. Is it possible to get Google feed on oxygen os , just like in stock??

  20. OxygenOS is the best of the bunch, no question.

  21. Stock Android would always be better than these bloated hijacked versions of android

  22. well my phone is running on android 6.0 and 5:09 this feature is there in my smartphone ?…..and in many of the low budget smartphones running on stock Android…. I've seen this freature…

  23. Even these features are available for Lumia series bro

    But world wide the best ui is oneui

  24. What phone is that you used in the video? 7pro or 7T pro?

  25. Most of the features are already available in miui

  26. What is difference miui 11 vs oxygen OS ?

  27. Except stock Android phones all others brand has all these features. What's new in that…

  28. ??? we are forgetting that all these things are built on android. They have to do that to make their brand look different. All the phones have most of this features now a days

  29. wow i really like these Oxygen OS features! if i ever switch from iOS ecosystem i want oxygen OS!

  30. These all features are available in colouros

  31. voice recorder
    Long screenshot
    Reading mode
    Gaming mode
    Zen mode
    Fanatic mode
    Parallel apps
    Hidden space
    OnePlus switch
    Dark theme
    Screen recordeing

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