15 trucos de aplicaciones de Android: ¡NO TIENES IDEA DE QUE EXISTE!

¡Aquí hay 15 trucos de aplicaciones de Android que no sabías que existían y que llevarán tu teléfono al SIGUIENTE NIVEL! ¡Déjame saber en los comentarios cuál es tu favorito! 👉🏻FONDOS DE PANTALLA GRATUITOS Pantalla negra Pantalla principal Muviz Edge Difuso Snapdrop Pantalla completa Gestos Super barra de estado Paneles de barra multimedia Paneles de volumen personalizados Wifi AR Temp Suscripciones de correo Toque de asistencia Cursor rápido 🌟 SOCIAL 🌟 • CORTOS – • INSTAGRAM – • TWITTER – • SITIO WEB – 🛒 AMAZON TIENDA 🛒 🎵 MÚSICA 🎵 📷 ENGRANAJES 📷 #Android #AndroidApps #AppHacks

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  1. 🚨Which app do you think takes the top space Guys?? 🚨 👉🏻LET ME KNOW!!! 👈🏻

  2. your so preety baby girl🤭😘🤭

  3. I hope this will be good.

  4. Her voice ❤️

  5. Ty so much I downloaded every single app.

  6. Love you videos real helpful and also nice to listen ti foar the full video

  7. Your videos is very useful.
    Please upload more videos for Android Future.
    I'm a Android user.
    Thanks million for you.

  8. Which is best app to record call? 🤔

  9. This is by hands down one of the most useful videos I've ever seen, and videos like this that led me to subscribe to your channel. Thanks for the info and excuse me while I update my pixel 6.

  10. if some could help

    ok i will get right to the point i have a app on my phone its a game and i want to set the phone up where when i launch the app it closes 12s after i launch it i want in game to crash or close 12s after launch how can i set this up ?

  11. i loved wifi AR, that's good

  12. Which navigation bar are you using virtual button or full screen gesture?

  13. Is yours a google pixel 6 or 7 pro?

  14. Some copied and some are trash

  15. You've earned a sub for the Black Screen app. I really wanted such app.

  16. All apps are not worth it

  17. Thanks it's rare tech channel gives wallpaper links in the description….thanks i appreciate your work I am viewer of @sambeckman @howtomen @Mrandroidfhd @tiptoptech @swankyabhi @xtremedroid but nobody gives wallpaper link

  18. When you don't want shit properly…you can can do it with many positions with these kreepy apps….

    Waste of time …

  19. Thank u mam😍🔥

  20. U r so beautiful

  21. I call BS on the Wi-Fi AR apps… How can any phone know the signal strength of a signal in a place where there is nothing to receive that signal ?… There is just no way my phone can know what the signal is like 100 ft away until there is an antenna there to measure that …

  22. why snapdrop if there is nearby share on any stock android devices which has google play services

  23. Honestly did not think I would gain knowledge of any useful apps from watching this video. My foot 🦶 is currently in my mouth 👄. Well done @Hayls World

  24. People who liked these apps also had 5 tool bars in their Internet Explorer and are sad that one's gone.

  25. These are only in samsung s22 ultra couse in others arent these posibillities

  26. Hayl's content is ALWAYS top notch and relevant

  27. Very good all apps I liked your channel first time very happy I subscribed your channel in first time

  28. You are attracting unwanted frictions in your life, if you need help, reply

  29. Gread video and use full haks in android thanks❤️

  30. Love from Tamil Nadu India 🇮🇳

  31. Omg wtf That's Alota subs Lady damn girl and ik You are a damn Great one which is why I had given a subb to Your channel I will Love it if You did stuff with. TV than Your typical apps for a mobile device

  32. Wick cursor
    , @🗾🌃🌉🌉🌌

  33. Finally I found an epic YouTube channel 😭

  34. Thank you 😊 mam

  35. Peoples' phone screens at the end of the video: FULL OF FLOATING ICONS

  36. so nice but i use android get me for android too

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