【Android Studio】 Inicie una actividad con la animación Slide & Fade

【Código de ejemplo】.

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Calculadora de IMC en Android Studio | enlace: https://youtu.be/x3tt21BZLOY #desarrollo de aplicaciones

Calculadora de IMC en Android Studio||Calculadora de IMC realizada por Android Studio @appdevelopershakib

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  1. You applied animation when we open the second activity but what if we go back to the first activity, how to do animation for that??

  2. Keep coding, you have done nice work

  3. How to start activity with pop uot animation

  4. you spent 3 minutes on 3 buttons
    however ty

  5. Hey sara, I am creating an firebase photo gallery app in which, I want to add favourite button. Which allow user to mark, there favorite photos. But there is a problem. I didn't want to save the user favorite list in firebase database because for that, I want to add sign up method, which didn't make sense. So, I want to know that, have there is another method for saving user favorite list?? Please help me..Thank you

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